Monday, February 21, 2011

Slick Rock: A Playground That Truly Rocks

As the weather warms up, there are many great playgrounds to explore in Tulare County. One of the greats is Slick Rock.

Now is the perfect time to explore Slick Rock, one of the many recreation areas monitored by the U.S. Army Corps of engineers. Slick Rock is where the forceful Kaweah River makes a final stop before filtering into Lake Kaweah.

It's not hard to understand why it has long been a favorite playground of Tulare County residents. Even the county's earliest residents - the Yokut Indians, Wukchumne, and Kaweah people - used Slick Rock as a natural water park.

Thankfully, since we are still rounding out winter, it's way too cold to go for a swim, so the area isn't overcrowded like it can be in the summer. Chances are you'll have your pick of the parking lot, and you'll be left alone to explore, fish, take photos or meditate to the sound of the rapids.

But if you truly want to be left alone, don't forget to pay the $4 day-use fee to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The payment box can be hard to spot, so look for it at the top of the parking lot. You have the option of purchasing an annual pass for $30, which I highly recommend. It will definitely come in handy as you explore the rest of Tulare County's great playgrounds.