Thursday, September 23, 2010

There's A Little Bit of Bob in All of Us

Tulare County the Great will use Thursdays as a time to celebrate the great people of Tulare County - our celebrities you might say. One of the biggest names in Tulare County, and one of the most revered, is that of Bob Mathias.

Whether you've grown up here, or you're a transplant, you should know his name. He was the Bob of Tulare County.

Born in Tulare in 1930, Bob Mathias is a perfect example of the hard-working and talented people of Tulare County. His drive and determination captured the hearts of this country in 1948, when at 17, he became the youngest person ever to win the Olympic decathlon. He took home the gold again four years later and set an Olympic and world record.

But he was more than an athlete. He served our country in the military, he served our country as a politician (four terms in Congress), and he even appeared on the big screen. He died in 2006, at the age of 75.

Bob Mathias is just one of the many people that have made Tulare County the Great.

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