Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Trader Joe's Connection

Everyone loves Trader Joe's, right? So, since there seems to be a lot of love for Trader Joe's, I thought it would be a good idea to share that one of the product's sold by Trader Joe's has a connection to Tulare County.'s locally owned milk processor Provisions Food Company's newest line. It involves processing of soy into milk-like products - including the Trader Joe's-branded soy yogurt.

If you live in Visalia, you've driven by Provisions Food plant on Divisadero and Goshen. Back in July 2009, the company set up shop inside the the old Kraft/Knudsen plant - once the site of Visalia’s oldest food manufacturer.

The company experienced strong growth, and recently announced it was looking to hire. Their products include nonfat dry powdered milk, cream cheese, yogurt and a whey protein powder popular among the weight-lifting crowd, according to the Visalia Economic Development Corporation.

There's a look at another great local business that is giving us a reason to be proud of Tulare County the Great.

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  1. Does this make us a couple steps closer to getting our own TJ's in Visalia? I sure hope so!